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06. Unparalleled Quality Control & Assurance.

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Here's What You Can Expect from PUMEX Technologies


01. Very competitive rates.

02. Management with 25-plus years of experience.

03. More than 16 years of custom application development expertise.

04. Subject-matter experts in various domains.

05. High employee retention.

06. Unparalleled quality control and assurance.

07. Flexible business models (OnShore, OffShore, Hybrid).

08. A creative hands-on approach to 'user experience' visually and functionally.

09. Value-added consultation services.

10. Customer education and empowerment.



In the past 16 years, PUMEX has worked with hundreds of companies, including leaders in the healthcare, financial services, clinical, pharmaceutical, and telecom industries. We work with companies of all sizes, and have many Fortune 500 clients.


Our goal is always to exceed client expectations in delivering outstanding custom software, mobile, IT staffing, and managed IT solutions. Read on for examples of how we’ve helped our customers solve specific problems. Because we are extremely careful to protect our clients’ confidentiality at all times, we’ve omitted client names in the following case studies.






Companies in the healthcare industry strive to help people. They can best accomplish that goal by maximizing the efficiency of their data management and healthcare professional and patient education processes, and by staying ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving market.


PUMEX's Approach to Healthcare Solutions


PUMEX brings together experts within the healthcare industry and outside of it to tackle your business challenges. Our technology consultants work side-by-side with specialized healthcare consultants to optimize your systems so they exceed industry standards. Over the past 15 years, PUMEX has worked with firms involved in all levels of healthcare, including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinical research firms, and healthcare education providers.




Our client in the Healthcare Industry wanted to custom develop and configure a Health Care Server to be accessed by both healthcare professionals and patients for various health- related purposes. The patients would be given hardware (a black box) that would be set- up at their homes and connected to the Health Care Server over a telephone line. The patients were also given measuring instruments to keep track of their temperature, pressure, ECG, weight, etc… which were also connected to the black box.


The black box would be able to connect to all instruments, take readings, and upload the information to the health care server. The healthcare professionals would take the patients' readings on a set schedule. Based on the schedule, the black box would give alerts (sounds) to the patient.


The patient data would be uploaded to the server and then checked by the healthcare professionals for any abnormal values (based on a set of limits for each measure set for each patient). Corrective measures would be taken based on the values of the measures taken.


Solution: Checker Server: This server collects all the data from the devices and stores it to the database. It also creates alerts if required. This was implemented using Java Servlets and Apache Tomcat Server


Main Server: This server acts as the Health Care Server where the Healthcare Professionals can connect and perform the required operations, such as adding new patients, editing patient information, setting limits, setting schedules and alerts, and viewing measures taken by the patients. The system was implemented using .Net, C# and SQL Server as backend using IIS on the Windows platform.




Our Client, a multi- tier hospital management group, wanted a custom HIS solution built which would be integrated to a 3rd party EMR system. The customer wanted the system to be modular with the following features:


• Services Management

• OP, IP, Lab, Pharmacy, Procedures etc.

• Back Office, Purchase, Stock/Store, Finance, MIS

• Operations Management

• Activity Management, Operation Control, Management Dashboard

• EMR Integration with 3rd party solution


We created a solution using GWT (Java) development framework and the database chosen was PostgreSQL. The 3rd party EMR was integrated using HL/7. The solution was implemented from scratch by a team of 9 people (1 Architect/Tech-Lead, 1 PM, 6 developers and 1 tester) and took around 6 months for development.






Supporting a communications network is complex – and ever changing. What worked a few years ago may not be sufficient now. Keeping up with increasing customer demands, cutting costs, integrating new technologies, raising service quality, and bringing on new administrative systems requires constant attention and many times, new ways of doing things. That's where we can help.


With over 16 years of experience in IT in the Telecom Industry, our development staff can combine their talents and experience to design, develop & solve almost any systems challenge you face. That's a bold statement, but that's exactly what our clients have done through our software development team.


We have developed many software projects which help our client offer better service to its customers. This includes phone provisioning and reporting software that gives customer service representatives (CSR) instant access to relevant account information. Administrators can sign in to the administrator module to manage all the activities and create or manage user accounts. Users can also view call summary details, and the reporting tool graphically presents detailed call records in a very user-friendly manner.


We’ve built telecom software applications in billing, switch performance, signaling, traffic measurement, and revenue assurance solutions. We’ve improved the performance of operations, finance, regulatory, and taxation departments.


Our client is a leading network provider for long-distance and VoIP services in the United States. They serve CLEC, ISP, and Cable companies for residential and business subscribers with one of the most technologically advanced broadband networks in the country. They deployed a Distributed Switching Solution and VoIP Application Server to enable revenue-generating Class 5 VoIP services in existing and new markets. Their advanced service platform enables them to develop innovative services while saving on operational costs by using a next-generation Class 4 interconnection in the network.




This application will help customers to analyses their call data records (CDR) for a specific period. Based on this analyze they will be able to choose the best option so that the total carrier cost for the calls would be minimal. On evaluating a CDR the system helps the customer to identify:


Least Carrier Cost on its own carriers.

Least Carrier Cost on client's carriers.

Least Carrier Cost after merging their carriers in client's network.


Evaluation is one of  the main and core module in this application. The actual evaluation of the CDR is performed by this module. To start the evaluation the user has to select the customer, and then the Network to which the customers CDR has to evaluate. In general the target network is the client's Network. Then the user direct the system by clicking the submit button to start the evaluation. The system will find three different carrier cost for each record in CDR.




Management needs a software system that allows the user to perform Administrative duties as well as provision, modify and track Customer Service Requests. The User will also need to have the ability to produce both high level summaries as well as detailed reports for traffic generated by each subscriber. The proposed system will have components such as database, application server and a web server.


Application Is the wholesale provisioning, reporting and billing engine that will allow wholesale customers to process subscriber Service Requests and maintain their subscriber’s records. Aplication will also allow customers to store and produce billing records as well as provide a fault reporting/tracking system. Each customer will have access only to their own data.


Main Functions of the application


1. Search

2. Residential Sign Up

3. Business Sign up

4. Subscriber Activity

5. Trouble Reporting

6. Billing

7. Statistics

8. Admin






The Financial Services Industry faces its own set of challenges in the current economic climate. Creating growth and sustaining profitability, enriching the value of customer relationships even while expectations become greater, and restoring public confidence in the industry are only a few such challenges. Investment in the latest technology systems to allow for future growth is also a big concern, from the implementation of fully digital banking to the integration, management, and customization of data to meet customer demands.


PUMEX's Approach to Financial Solutions


At PUMEX, we draw from years of experience working with Financial Institutions and creatively apply that experience to the technology we produce. We're able to work effectively within complex financial organizations as well as with smaller, more niche organizations. We understand the industry as well as the results expected. We get the job done.




The main aim of this Customer Online Portal specializes in financial instruments from the insurance industry that offers guaranteed safety in retired years, and still gives you the potential to grow ahead of inflation. The purpose of the client is to make the people aware about retired years and help them to plan their retired life according to that. This software is designed to manage customers, agents, tasks and schedules. All these functionalities are based on the user permissions.


The scheduling system of this software will allow users to enter appointment in real time. The scheduling module will allow users to manually enter an initial client appointment for their agents, while automatically scheduling a second and third follow-up appointment. The scheduling module will also automatically schedule an accompanying agent for the second and third appointments and for the first appointment, if the primary agent’s status requires a supervisor. When automatically scheduling appointments, the agent’s drive-time will be taken into account. The system will automatically calculate the driving time of the agents and will select the nearest and available agent who can meet the customer.


The managers will be using the internet application and agents will be using the desktop application. The stand alone application has the capability to synchronize all the data with the central server when it is online. In the web application user can view, search and manage customer, agents, task and schedule details. User could also add task, workday schedule for the Agents. User can also search for an agent based on the availability. In the Windows application user can view, search and manage customers.  Agent can also add comments or minutes of meeting.




Our Client, a major bank in the Middle East, wanted to provide a telephone banking system for its customers in that region. The bank had already developed a core banking system and wanted the added telephone banking system to be integrated with it. The services would include balance inquiry, check book request, the last six transactions, and bill payments.


The system was implemented using Asterisk server software on a Redhat Linux server. Digium cards were used as interface cards to the PSTN. The Asterisk was configured and integrated to the existing Sybase database using Java code. Sound files (.wav) files were recorded for each of the voice requirements and installed on the Asterisk server. A voice menu was designed for the user to select the various options. All the telephone banking calls were logged onto a database for usage analysis and help desk purposes.




One of our Financial Clients wanted to automate their products and services through a web- based software platform. They planned to start 20 branches within the year and wanted to have their own data center set- up at the flagship office. The services offered in this web- based platform would include GL Accounts, Deposits and Loans, and Gold Loans.


The solution was developed based on the current version of the baking application available and it was customized to meet the additional customer requirements. We developed a Java/J2EE based system using open standards. Apache Tomcat on a SuSe Linux server was also used as the web application server and Postgres as the backend database. In addition, package included a user management module, a software management module, and an admin module. The server was hosted on a public IP and the branches were connected via broadband lines. A banking products module was provided to create as well as set- up required banking products on the assets and liability side. An in- built reporting engine, capable of producing HTML/PDF/EXCEL report, was also provided. Additional Financial Reporting systems such as Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and P&L Accounts, were also provided.


After further customization of the software, users were given training on the system. Security measures implemented included source IP checking, digital certificates, password expiry, password rules, https connectivity, user profiles, and multi-stage transaction authorization.







Developed various electronic monitor visit systems from ground up for clinical trial at different sites. This is developed with vision to serve next generation pharmaceutical clients. This system delivers cost effective solution and meet the norms of quality requirement set by health care industries. The multi tenant application became one of the most revenue generating software solution for our client. Many features were added organically to make this product find a competent place in market. The template management in software helps build highly customized report for various studies in clinical trials. This helped growth in number of health care clients using this product. It has many reports to track reports and issues in each visit. The monitor visit report go through work flow of draft, submit and approval. The administrator can configure study project and maintain sites for clinical trial.


Other clinical applications: Document Management System, EMR, Patient Recruitment, Hosptial Management








The objective of the application is to act as a resource for instructors and students in providing a novel approach to the structure and presentation of a course in organic spectroscopy, while also maintaining problem sets with detailed solutions for students currently enrolled in an organic spectroscopy course. The intent of this application is to provide solutions (not just answers), Quiz, Sample online examinations and assignments to users attempting to solve spectral problems.


The application has three Modules. Administrators can sign in administrator module and manage all the activities including student’s/Educator’s accounts, Datasets, quiz, Sample online examinations, Assignments etc. In Educators module, Educators can access the main functions like Assignment allocation, Tracking Assignments, Viewing the exam & Quiz results and Managing Student accounts for accessing user area functionalities. In Students module, Students can access the main functions like viewing solution for the problem sets, Attending Quiz, and Exam and much other functionality if the student has permissions.








Automotive after market is a huge business with various manufactures, suppliers, traders dealing with numerous spare parts of vehicles. It was a daunting challenge for one of our customers who had a fairly large customer base in automotive spare parts after market. ACES – the After market Catalog Enhanced Standard were the standard for the management and exchange of automotive catalog applications data. With ACES, suppliers can publish automotive data with standardized vehicle attributes, parts classifications and qualifier statements. ACES also prescribed a XML format data for trading partners to use in exchanging vast amounts of catalog information electronically. Vehicle Configuration database (VCdb), the Parts Categorization database (PCdb) also had huge amount of data which has to be integrated by the customer in his proposed application.

The parts, automobile, price list data were available from various manufacturer in heterogeneous formats. Automobile and part mapping data were also published various formats by manufacturers.


The customer wanted an online application which helps him to create a catalog of all the spare parts of all the existing manufactures integrating all the above said data and also sell and ship the after market automotive parts directly from the main warehouse and/or a network of manufacturers and warehouses to automotive shops and consumers.


Challenges: Our main challenges in this project were Complexity, heterogeneity of data and data formats which need to be ported into the system. Complexity of the various parameters in the automotive domain and its dependencies.


Solution: We carefully learned about the automobile domain and the various data standards and formats in which data is available. We analyzed the customer requirement and came out with a unique solution which took into account all concerns of the customers as well as the complexity of data ETL process.


We developed the solution with .Net framework with application developed in C# with MSSQL server as default database. We created a customized tool which extracts, filter and import required data in various formats into the database. We also developed a shopping portal where the customer could sell and ship the after market automotive parts directly from the main warehouse and/or a network of manufacturers and warehouses to automotive shops and consumers. It creates value in the supply chain by reducing inefficiencies, innovating and implementing cost savings, offering high quality service to high quality customers.


• Search the parts by Vehicle’s Year Make Model Engine.

• Secure Shopping of the parts online.

• Track order status.

• Option for Discount Codes and availing of discounts

• Detailed gallery with fit note instructions, technical spec, images etc for numerous manufacturers’ parts.

• Customer Loyalty discounts

• Shipping charge calculation (UPS API)


The solution was successfully implemented which helped the customer in a very short span of time to grow their customer base. It also helped the customer to use real-time data to offer fast and responsive services to their clients.










Nationwide construction company wants to coordinate all its sales people daily meetings and other sales related activities all through out the United States. Client wanted us to create a  user friendly iPad app for the entire sales process from presentation to sale closing.


The solution for an integrated sales application which can be used by the contractors registered under client's network. The customer needs a sales promotion application which can work in Ipad and laptop. The access rights to be controlled through a centralized server application. Individual contractors should have the provision to upload new answers to the questions and supporting images/videos through a server based login. In order to make the application work faster and also in places without network connection, a local copy to be maintained Ipad/laptop and the latest versions shall be synchronized with the server periodically.


Functionalities: Product presentation, Requirement data gathering, Invoice generation, travel time between appointments with map, Appointment setter and more customized functionalities.








More than being just a fund raising organization for Cancer Research, the Client is a prime supporter of cancer research projects that aim to advance the understanding and treatment of cancer. Client supports researchers, both domestically and abroad, at every stage of their career, representing a global commitment to understanding, preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer.

Since the client's distributed workforce provides research, sample collection, storage and distribution of rare and highly characterized biological samples such as disease state plasma to meet clinical research management requirements, a decision was made to move all key operational systems to the cloud as a means of becoming more efficient. The company recognized that a cloud-based file server that allowed the team to easily access and share large files and findings from anywhere in the world was critical to the virtualization strategy.




Research related data, sample notes, findings, pictures of cell based study and many more critical data had to be kept safe but accessible to the people concerned on a need to know basis. Collaboration through file sharing and syncing is quickly becoming a critical component of everyday business processes. Public cloud services like Dropbox, Box, and many others are popular because of their ease of use. The growing popularity of consumer software has led to the rise of unauthorized software use, commonly known as Shadow IT. Storing your enterprise-critical documents and data on someone else’s public servers carries serious business and compliance risks.

The Client was utilizing 20-25 secure email subscription services to transfer small files and emails securely. However, according to a senior resource with the client, “the file transfer size limitation, lack of organizational control, and complexity for the remote user led to a re-evaluation of available market options.” As the client transfers mostly confidential research data and provides a significant amount of security control was also a must. The diverse requirements of the client led them to choose PennieDrive. “PenniesDrive has aided in automating our processes in Clinical trials” mentioned a researcher.


Unlimited File Size


 Many research files exceeded 1 GB in sizes the ability to remove that barrier entirely was huge. The Java uploader, combined with flexible file size limitations within PenniesDrive, allowed even the largest research data sets to be transferred successfully.


One Way File Traffic


Workers at partner facilities received credentials to send files. Client, however, did not want to be liable for employees retrieving those files later from their personal computer at home. “We knew it was important to manage the flow of documents,” a senior resource stated. “PenniesDrive gave us a solution that worked well for both end users and system admins.” The granular file controls allow remote users to transfer files/folders to the server and verify their transfer, but then ensures that the files cannot be re-downloaded except by authorized employees. Detailed audit logs ensure accurate documentation of who, when and where files are accessed.


EC2 makes strong financial sense for Cancer Research firms


While keeping aside every penny to add in to the pool of fund raising for cancer research, the client obviously did not want a system that would increase their operational overhead. PenniesDrive came up with the decision of using AWS. The most obvious cost advantage of AWS is that it has literally zero setup costs: you use the same Amazon account you use to order random junk off the Internet, click a button, and start paying for servers, by the hour. You only pay for the boxes when they run, and you only pay for storage that’s actually in use, so your startup costs are minimal, and it encourages experimentation at the hardware level: spin up 10x more capacity than you need, run load tests, and then spin them back down until you really need them. That’s not just convenient, that’s revolutionary. As with many other aspects of AWS, such a large quantitative difference becomes a qualitative one.


100% behind Your Firewall


Unlike many cloud file sync and share, PenniesDrive does not store client’s data. Client has greater control about what is being synced and shared. Client considerably reduces the risk of data leaks, and it allows them to be compliant with data protection laws (HIPAA, Ferpa, UK Data Protection Act, German Federal Data Protection Act, etc.).




Familiar User Experience -- PenniesDrive provides a native user experience most researchers are already familiar with. Zero training required.




PenniesDrive is BYOD friendly: support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android are all available for free.




Securely access documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and any other type of file, whether in the office or on the road.



Easily and securely collaborate with researchers as well as authorized vendors, customers, and partners.


Sync History


All data and all versions of files shared through PenniesDrive are captured. Recover a previous version in two clicks


Search Media of your choice! Absolutely hassle-free


PenniesDrive, Online File Storage - Online File Sharing tool, was developed by a team of 5 in 3 months using AWS , PHP , Zend2, MySQL, Amazon Web Services, JQuery, JavaScript. We ensured that the system is continuously evolving and its components are loosely coupled with each other to keep up with the future technological advancements



Extremely easy to use and well-designed interface


User friendly and highly interactive UI to help researchers spend the least time in saving their work

Knowledge sharing in any format – Audio, Video, Image

While building an application for a cause as noble as cancer research, we had to incorporate every format of capturing knowledge may it be audio, video, images or documents. PenniesDrive has gone an extra mile by including a feature to automatically convert the videos into HD.



Keyword Search


With millions of images, audio and video being vaulted, searching and recovering them should also be at the tip of the fingers. PenniesDrive sensed this as a critical requirement to make it a   time-efficient system. Keyword or tag search is a unique feature of PennieDrive.


Data Security and Access Control


Clinical data is not only sensitive but highly personal. PenniesDrive values each invention, each finding and each version of your data. Access to this rich research data is restricted and is available only on a need to know basis. Authorized users get access to authorized information based on set policies and guidelines.









There are many fine organizations offering community corrections facilities and services in the Philadelphia region. What sets our client apart are many years of not simply preparing offenders for the outside, but equipping them for real, lasting change inside themselves, even while they’re still in the security of the system. Our esteemed client’s programs include Behavioral assessment, Individual & group counseling, & other services designed to foster deeper network/connections, job interview & computer literacy training, Education/GED opportunities and Transitional support counseling. Our client ensures that when an inmate walks free after a tenure with them, he/she not only walks free but is self-sufficient to live a wholesome, responsible and clean life.




Case Files, offender-related information, Behavioral Assessment feedback and notes, First Information Reports, Policies and many more sensitive data had to be kept safe but accessible to the people concerned on a need to know basis. Day to Day reporting, Pass generation, Schedule Creation were activities that were being handled without a systematic and clean approach.  Client needed a system to better manage their internal processes, especially with the geographically dispersed workforce and rapid growth; the new application would not only need to automate the rehabilitation process, but also accommodate the transparency and accountability required by the American Correctional Association (ACA).


Our Client’s community corrections, day reporting and new facilities design programs have created important, lasting change, helping reduce recidivism and increase hope for both the individual and the community. But to automate each of these close to 200 processes with no factor in common was a herculean task. With umpteen proprietary workflows to be formed and many more individual and group reports to be generated, Pumex had just opened the Pandora’s box of automating their processes.


“Currently we manage offenders who reside in our buildings, but we also supervise some who live at home. We foresee a huge number of our population becoming those offenders who live elsewhere, but need to check in with us at our facility for other programs and purposes. Therefore our ability to track them in many different programs and possibly at many different locations was the most critical in our outcome measures and our success at getting our processes right. Pumex did this with so much ease that now we can sit back and relax” said a senior resource with the Client.




Pumex decided to build a custom end-to-end Inmate management system. A team of 4 designed and developed the solution using Java Spring framework, MySQL 5.5, JQuery, and AJAX. The new inmate Information and Management System - is a web-based application that manages all activities related to an inmate registered with the Community correction centre whether in house or away, including:

• Schedule management - assignment of an inmate per skill based on availability, Record details of every schedule, including addresses, wages, contacts and comments

• Case Management - provides a centralized view of all case files of each inmate Automate the process to attach each case file based on availability to a specific inmate and maintain prescriptive treatment plans, incident/ violation reports, medication, and disciplinary/ grievance procedures.

• Offender Movement – Process automation of Pass generation, Headcount, Timely room checks;

• Security  - support for all security related tasks like Log residents in and out of the centre, including their signature and the exact date and time, Keep track of each resident’s property

• Acts and Policies – Document and maintain all the federal acts and policies related to each verdict and case file.

•  Accounting processes - Enter incomes and disbursements for residents, Auto-deduct amounts by the resident’s program or a specific resident, such as court costs or subsistence, Cut checks directly from the system, Generate billing reports in Excel spreadsheet format at the click of a button

• Document Management – Referral Packets, BOP Statement of Work, Inmate Handbook, Employment Confirmation, Medical Furloughs, Disciplinary Packages, Chain of Custody Forms and many more

• Analytical Dashboards - provide first-hand information on pending tasks for the day, notifications to the supervisor, Alerts on breach of any rule

• Room Searches/Housekeeping/Maintenance - Ability to report issues tied to the room and or offender. Generation of Incident report regarding that area for damage to property by the offender




The iterative approach taken by Pumex and its ability to reflect feedback during the development process ensured that Pumex’s final application fully reflected their user needs; the Platform’s build-to-change support also makes it easy to change the system as needed, ensuring that Client’s internal processes always align with the needs of the business.



Familiar User Experience


The easy-to-use interface require little or even no end-user training. This simplifies the roll-out to large supervisor teams and ultimately increases user adoption.




Support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android are all available for free.



Keyword Search


Keyword or tag search is a unique feature of the Inmate Management System


Data Security and Access Control


Offender data is not only sensitive but highly personal. Pumex understands the gravity of the information being saved and therefore Access to the same is restricted and is available only on a need to know basis. Authorized users get access to authorized information based on set policies and guidelines.




This system is sophisticated enough to know where to pull massive amounts of information from several areas of the databases  but simple enough to use for every program and within all segments of client’s company – while still being user friendly. The system is not only flexible enough to grow and expand beyond client’s current capacity but also into additional types of corrections management



People and programs may be located at different buildings at different times and may need to use several different programs in their schedule. Therefore, our system was provisioned to have mechanisms built in to accommodate variations.








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